Is it necessary that during a transaction both buyer and seller must be present in Tamleek?

Yes, They do. Only case one of them can be enough if he has the POA from the other.
Dose an attestation needed for a power of attorney (POA)?

  • If it was issue in UAE it should be stamp by Notary.
  • If it was issued outside UAE it must translate to Arabic (legal translation) and attested from Ministry of foreign affair in UAE.
Is there any change in land department fees for OQOODI (off plan) registration, if the seller was presented by (POA)?

Yes, it will be %8.
Can the seller’s cheuqe to be issued under the name of the seller’s POA?

No, it should be issued only under name of seller.
What is the validity of a POA?

The validity of power of attorney is only two years from day of issue.
In gift transaction relation prove such birth certificate or marriage certificate can be submitted in English or other languages?

  • Relation proves such as birth or marriage certificate must be in Arabic if it was issued in UAE.
  • Or translated to Arabic (legal translation) if it was issues outside UAE & to be attested from Ministry of foreign affair in UAE.
Can land department fees to be paid cash?

No, it must be paid by manger cheque.
Can I pay the fees by credit card? If yes, which are the authorized cards?

Yes you can. We except all cards such as (Visa, Master card, American express,. Act).

Can ‘Tamleek issue manager cheque for Land department fees if I paid cash in Tamleek office?

Yes, Tamleek can issue a manager cheque.
Does Tamleek prepare MOU(form F)?

Yes, Tamleek does prepare MOU but both seller & buyer should be present to sign it.
What time I should come to receive my title dead in same day?

You should come before 2 pm.
Can seller receive his cheque if application was submitted to Land department but transaction was not approved yet?

No, seller can collect his cheque only after approval and title dead print out.